Plant theft blow for community group

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Vandals have been causing a headache for a Sheffield community group.

Burncross Action Team in Sheffield has been hit by a series of thefts from sponsored plant boxes in the area of Bracken Hill.

It comes just more than a year after the group issued a plea for respect following a spate of vandalism and the theft of a flower bed from a Diamond Jubilee garden.

Once again, members are being forced to use what limited funds it has to replace the plants.

Jonathan Jones, a member of the Burncross Action Team, said: “Members are once again counting the cost in terms of money and time to replace stolen plants from sponsored plant boxes on Bracken Hill. This is the third or fourth occasion of plant theft and, although we are committed to not letting it undermine our work to improve our local environment for local residents, it does make you question the motives of some people.

“Hopefully, the production of various attractive environments will have a positive effect on the behaviour of some individuals.

“We will continue with our programme of improvements which will again culminate in our inclusion in the ‘In Bloom’ competition.”