Plans to transform Sheffield Ski Village into leisure hub

Sheffield Ski Village
Sheffield Ski Village
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New plans to transform the dilapidated Ski Village and its surrounding area into a major leisure attraction are being drawn up.

Sheffield Council is working on a ‘detailed masterplan’ to turn the 150 hectare site – which includes Parkwood Springs from Rutland Road in the south to Herries Road in the north – into a leisure hub.

The scheme will build on existing facilities at the site which include a 2km mountain bike trail developed by World Mountain Bike champion Steve Peat – and aims to build on the city’s reputation as the UK’s outdoor capital.

The disused ski village has been the target of repeated arson attacks.

Now it could also be updated and brought back into use.

A Sheffield Council spokesman said they wanted to hear from those wanting to get involved.


Plotting the rise, fall and big ideas of Sheffield Ski Village

He said: “The plan is still very much in the embryonic stages and we will be putting it out to consultation but we want to use the area as a site for leisure.

“We have a number of suggestions on the table but we are very much open to ideas.

“It has the potential to be a major attraction that adds to Sheffield’s unique image – offering both city life and outdoor recreation.

Facilities could also include shops and food and drink outlets.

The ski village has been derelict since it was devastated by fire in 2012.

In its heyday the facility, now owned by businessman Kevin Pullan, was the largest artificial ski resort in Europe with a shop, bar, restaurant and a range of slopes.

But since the fire, the site has been blighted by fly tipping, further arson attacks and vandalism.

Sheffield Council is commissioning consultants to consider the site’s market potential and the feasibility of the new attraction.

In the coming months it will work with stakeholders and conduct a public consultation.

Mr Peat, who is involved with campaign group Snowsport4Sheffield, said: “To have an inner city provision for leisure, skiing and extreme sports – all of which are on the up at the moment – would be amazing. The ski village is definitely something Sheffield is missing and people want to see reborn.

“It’s an ambitious project but something like this needs ambition.”

But Mr Pullan, who wants to build housing on the site, said: “The ski village is dead and gone – it’s over.”

Coun Leigh Bramall, Sheffield Council cabinet member for business, skills and development, said: “Parkwood Springs offers us a unique opportunity to develop a major recreational area close to the city centre that will enhance the city’s reputation as a leading location for outdoor activities.”

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