Plans for Sheffield taxi rank scrapped after complaint about pollution

The brakes have been put on a Sheffield taxi rank after complaints that pollution would harm pregnant women and babies who visit a nearby business.

Monday, 3rd December 2018, 12:07 pm
Updated Monday, 3rd December 2018, 12:10 pm
Plans for a taxi rank on Leadmill Road have been scrapped

Council officers were considering a 24-hour rank for three taxis on Leadmill Road, to serve as a feeder rank for the railway station during the day and for clubs and pubs at night.

But officers scrapped the plans after the director of an unnamed business on Leadmill Road objected.

In a letter to the council, the director says: 'I am concerned that the particulates emitted from idling taxis will be detrimental to the health of both my staff and clients.

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'Many of the people who visit the business are pregnant, often accompanied by young babies and children, who are particularly vulnerable to the air pollution that will inevitably arise as a result of the increased volume of taxis waiting outside with their engines running.

'During the summer months, we often have to open the front door to cool down the building and keep the clinic at a healthy operating temperature, which we would not be able to do.'

The director also raised concerns about an increase in anti-social behaviour.

'Myself and my staff members already have to deal with graffiti, broken glass, discarded fast-food and vomit and worse on a regular basis from the clients from various establishments in the locality, which takes up time and resources that a small enterprise can ill afford.

'I could only see these problems increasing with the addition of a taxi rank. The business has been established at this location since June 2017, and internal modifications were funded by my personal savings.

'I would never have considered making such an investment in a location next to a taxi rank, and to relocate (which I would have to look to do, should the proposed taxi rank be located on Leadmill Road) would cause significant financial harm to my family. Relocation would bring the financial viability of my venture into question.'