Plans for Sheffield Ski Village put on ice

Sheffield Ski Village
Sheffield Ski Village
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The future of the former Sheffield Ski Village site is still unclear after plans to demolish fire-ravaged buildings were deferred.

A decision on the application – which concerns just the clearing of the site, not any potential redevelopment – was postponed by Sheffield councillors yesterday.

The committee heard there were still too many questions about the plans, including how an area ‘the size of a football pitch’ would be filled, despite a recommendation from officers for approval.

A site visit is now expected take place in just under three weeks’ time.

Neil Schofield spoke on behalf of the Friends of Parkwood Springs, who want a country park to be created in the area.

He told councillors the site was a ‘disgrace to the city’ since the ski village was destroyed in the inferno of April 2012.

The campaigners are opposed to houses being built on the site of the ski village.

After the meeting, Mr Schofield said it was ‘right’ the committee had put back the decision until it could gather more details.

Applicant Kevin Pullan told councillors he wanted to clean up the site.

He stressed the ski village was land designated for employment use rather than open space – contrary to council documents.

In future Mr Pullan wants to build homes near the site although there are also hopes of creating an Olympic snow sports hub.

After the meeting, he added: “I think deferral is absolutely correct.

“I was going to suggest it because of the errors in the report to committee.

“This is a small application but in a way it may undermine the city-wide allocations plan as it refers to something that is 25 years old.”