Planning cash funds playgrounds revamp

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IMPROVEMENTS to 19 areas of public open space are planned around central areas of Sheffield using £230,000 of funding from developers.

Money for the ‘public improvement projects’ has been handed over by firms developing homes within the central community assembly area – which stretches from the city centre to Hillsborough – as a condition of receiving planning permission.

Work has been completed to improve a playground and multi-use games area at Bolehill Recreation Ground, Crookes, costing £19,000, and to improve a playground and woodland at Rivelin Valley Park, costing £25,000.

Meanwhile, contractors are making improvements around Hickmott Road, Hunters Bar, in a £105,000 scheme; developing a new playground at Lydgate play area, Crosspool, costing £6,200; and building new playgrounds, youth buildings and games areas at Cemetery Road, Sharrow, costing £18,800, and Sharrow View, Sharrow, costing £8,700.

Rebecca Maddox, assembly manager, said: “The purpose of the payments from developers is to offset the impact of developments by improving play, sport or informal recreation facilities for the benefit of residents of the development, and also have a spin-off benefit for other residents.

Some cash has been spent on planning work ahead of improvements to parks and open spaces.

More than £60,000 has been spent on developing masterplans for Crookes Valley Park, the Ponderosa in Netherthorpe and Philadelphia Park in Upperthorpe.

A consultation project costing £4,000 to improve open space around Broomspring Lane, Broomhall, is awaiting approval, along with similar consultation for improvements around William Street and Ecclesall Road, Broomhall, costing £16,000.

Funds of £24,000 are being set aside for flood alleviation work and landscaping at Niagara Weir, Beely Wood.

■ Details of the schemes are revealed in a report to assembly members, ahead of a meeting on Thursday, at the Quaker Meeting House, St James’ Street, at 7.15pm.