Plan to turn former Sheffield coroners court into flats and shops

The Old Coroners Court on Nursery Street
The Old Coroners Court on Nursery Street
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A historic landmark described as ‘part of the fabric of Sheffield’ could be turned into flats and retail space.

The Old Coroners Court on Nursery Street is set for a new lease of life under the plans.

A planning application has been submitted to Sheffield Council seeking permission to use the site for a ‘mixed-use development’.

The building’s facade would be kept, with a five or six-storey apartment block – with retail space on the ground floor – built behind.

Building owner Mark Almond, of Blitz Matrix, who is behind the development, said: “The colour scheme reflects the facade, it is mostly grey and black, with highlights of orange and stands back from the facade and will reflect it.

“The architects haven’t set out to overpower it.

The former mortuary and court building was built in 1913 and has been used as offices in recent years.

Mr Almond said: “We don’t have to keep the building as it isn’t listed but I’ve owned it for 15 years and am happy for it to stay.

“When I bought it, it was derelict. I’ve put time into it to keep its integrity. It is part of the fabric of Sheffield.”

However, neighbours have raised concerns the plans are not in keeping with the facade and the change in the building’s height will block light from surrounding premises.

Commenting on the application to the council, Nick Kitching, of Nursery Street, said: “The erection of this building will block significant amounts of light to surrounding buildings and disrupt the skyline around Nursery Street.

“It will ruin the front facade of what is a lovely existing building of historical and architectural interest.

“There are too many small apartments in this area already.

“I would not object to apartments with larger accommodation within them being constructed within the existing building but the addition of three additional floors peering over the top of the building and significantly disturbs the view and restricts light to neighbouring buildings.”

Mr Almond said the building will help to regenerate the area.

He said: “The general opinion is it is about time something happened.

“We need people to live in the area to shop there and for the area to be sustainable.

“The whole area is run down. People are fed up of waiting for something to happen.

This is a great sign to developers and will bring more online. We will see a wave of building in the area.”

A decision on the application is due next month.