Pity long-suffering bus passengers

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I submit for your possible interest my letter concerning local bus services operated by First Mainline in my area - written in the style of David Attenborough.

Here we are on Bellhouse Road in Sheffield, patiently waiting for a glimpse of the increasingly rare and elusive giants of the past known as the number 47 and 48 omnibuses.

The long-suffering locals tell me that at one time, in the distant past these great roaring behemoths, standing almost 15ft high, frequently roamed the area in great numbers as regular as clockwork assisting people on their travels to distant parts of the city.

Sadly, their numbers have greatly diminished and they are rarely seen.P erhaps the odd one will suddenly appear at random or obscurely, two or three will arrive in convoy!

They seem to be in no hurry to get to their destination or to have no concept of time as we know it.

How I long for them to once again return to their old, predictable and reliable habits of the past. Perhaps an unrealistic utopian pipe dream in these uncaring times.

J Duckenfield, Concord Road, S5 0TT

on behalf of numerous passengers who patiently wait on Littledale estate for the number 4\6 bus which invariably does not arrive. Last week there weren’t any buses for two hours. Why?

On Tuesday we were at Darnall with eight elderly passengers who had waited from 11.45am until 1.15pm. No buses again, why?

I rang the company First but as yet had no reply. At the bus stop we counted at least 36 no 52s but not one for Littledale. It was 2.05pm when a bus went past my house. There were people waiting all over the estate. One theory could be that many of the passengers are elderly and therefore don’t pay.

Lynda Murphy, Greenwood Avenue, S9 4HD