Pitsmoor Than A Woman and Come On High Green - Yorkshire Water urges Sheffield folk to invent their own songs to save water

Can you come up with any other songs?
Can you come up with any other songs?
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Sheffield people are being urged to sing wacky songs with a local slant in the shower to save water.

Yorkshire Water has compiled a list - and we've joined in too - with a list of classic songs, all of which have been given a local slant with a few subtle twists to their titles.

And while people are being urged to come up with their own in the humorous campaign, there is also a serious message to help conserve water.

The recent spell of hot weather has made Yorkshire’s water use rocket, according to Yorkshire Water.

125 million extra litres of water were used every day over the sweltering weekend of 17 and 18 June, meaning the water needed was 15% more than normal.

Now the company is urging people to try something different to help them use less water – singing in the shower.

The top songs to sing in Sheffield, according to Yorkshire Water, are Come on High Green (Dexy's Midnight Runners) and Sheffields Of Gold (Sting).

Richard Sears of Yorkshire Water, said: “We know people want to cool off in this warm weather but we all still need to consider how much water we use.

“Taking a shorter shower is a fast-track way to saving water, so we thought about the quirky ways of helping people to cut down on their shower time. Singing in the shower seemed like a logical thing to do as most songs are between three and four minutes long, the optimum time for a shower.

“We know how proud Yorkshire folk are – and that they are also up for a laugh – so we created our list of songs featuring Yorkshire towns. We’re hoping people will play along while remembering that there’s a serious message behind the humour.

Here's our Sheffield top ten

1. Mr Brightside - The Killers

2. Darnall Night Long - Lionel Richie

3. Pitsmoor Than A Woman - Bee Gees

4. Burngreave Down The House - Talking Heads

5. Knocking On Heaven's Dore - Bob Dylan

6. Always Look On The Grenoside Of Life - Monty Python

7. Crosspool Traffic - Jimi Hendrix

8. It's The Neepsend Of The World As We Know It - R.E.M

9. Sharrow Goodbye - The Beatles

10. Nether Edge of Heaven - Wham!

And here's Yorkshire Water's Yorkshire top 10

1. Bridlington Rhapsody - Queen

2. Don’t Leeds Me This Way - The Communards

3. Stairway to Hebden - Led Zeppelin

4. Goole’s Out For Summer - Alice Cooper

5. Monster Masham - Bobby Pickett

6. Going Humber-ground - The Jam)

7. York This Way - Aerosmith and Run DMC

8. Dewsbury Really Want To Hurt Me - Culture Club

9. Pocket Full of Skipton-ite - Spin Doctors

10. Whitby With Your Rhythm Stick - Ian Drury and the Blockheads

To join in with the fun, Tweet your favourite Yorkshire songs to @YorkshireWater

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Yorkshire Water's network of pipes stretches for 51,500 miles and supplies 1.3bn litres of water to households across the region every day - the equivalent of 8bn cups of tea.