Pirate Party candidate to stand in Sheffield at General Election

The Pirate Party is to contest a Sheffield seat at the forthcoming General Election.

Monday, 15th May 2017, 10:49 am
Updated Tuesday, 16th May 2017, 1:27 pm
The Pirate Party is contesting Sheffield Central.

The Pirate Party will be standing against incumbent Paul Blomfield (Labour) in the Sheffield Central constituency on June 8.

But rather than pledges of bottles of rum and skull and crossbones flags, the party's candidate Robert Moran will be standing on more serious issues focusing on reforming copyright and patent laws.

The Pirate Party defines itself as being a radical centre party and other pledges include supporting privacy, reducing surveillance from government and businesses and guaranteeing genuine freedom of speech for everyone.

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Established in July 2009, the party is led by Cris Chesha and has previously put forward candidates at the 2010 and 2015 general elections.

The full list of candidates for the Sheffield Central constituency is: Natalie Bennett (Green), Paul Blomfield (Labour), Jack Carrington (Yorkshire Party) Dominic Cook (Ukip) Shaffaq Mohammed (Lib Dem) Robert Moran (Pirate Party UK) Stephanie Roe (Con) and Joe Westridge (SDP).