Pigeons on the Moor

I have read with interest about the problems with pigeons on the Moor and can't believe that the city council have stated that they have not received any official complaints .
Pigeons at The Moor are becoming a problemPigeons at The Moor are becoming a problem
Pigeons at The Moor are becoming a problem

This is not true as myself and my husband went into Howden House several months ago and spoke to someone from environmental services about the problem with the pigeons on the Moor .

We also pointed out that we had seen people feeding the birds, and would there be a possibility of having them stopped and could the city centre ambassador have a word with them. I was told that there was no bye law to stop people feeding them. I also asked if signs could be erected on the Moor. There is a sign warning people not to feed the pigeons but this is hidden in the bushes on St Pauls Parade. I was told that they would look into the matter but I have heard nothing since.

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I felt as if I was wasting my time complaining as nothing has been done. I hope the Star has more luck in bringing this problem to the councils attention.

Mrs J Fleming

by email

Bricklayer’s ghosts

Phil Parker asked, (letters October 24), if I was aware of robins being referred to as ‘bricklayers ghosts’?

I’ve never come across this before but apparently the story is that robins would come to bricklayers in search of food when they took their break.

I’m sure that other birds did the same, we’ve all been mugged by chaffinches at one time or another so why is the robin singled out?

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In harsh winter weather the faces of the bricklayers would be reddened by the cold, coming to match the robins breast and so the association was made.

Always seems a shame when these old stories are lost and my thanks to Mr Parker for making me aware of this one. Also my apologies for boring those who already knew.

I do feed the birds in my garden but I will try to be a little more assiduous from now on.

Stephen Crowther


20mph plan is playing politics

Re: proposed reduction of the speed limits to 20 mph on roads in the city centre. There has been no response from the city council, or the Green party, to prove that reducing the speed limit would reduce fuel consumption, thereby reducing pollution.

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I contacted Coun Jack Scott, raising the subject of pollution and asked for figures of pedestrian road deaths, caused by collision with a car, during the last 12 months on the roads that would be affected by the changes. I did not receive a reply.

I have now read in The Star, October 21, that the council is going to enforce this 20 mph limit, before the end of the year, on more than 300 roads. Coun Scott stated: “I’m pleased that the consultation was received so positively.’’

City ward Coun Moya O’Rourke claimed: “I’m delighted that so many residents in my ward, responded to the council’s public consultation.’’

What utter rubbish! According to that same article, 33 people responded to the consultation, of which 19 were in favour. Of those 19 people, how many were swayed by the fake facts stated by the council, and the Green party, that these measures would cut pollution levels.

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Apart from that, 19, out of the thousands of people in the Sheffield area, is hardly a mandate for such foolhardy action, especially when someone such as I, opposed to damaging the health of local people, doesn’t even get a reply from Coun Scott.

He goes on to state: “The evidence actually shows that at a constant lower speed, a driver will use less fuel.’’ What evidence? This is more fake facts. He also said: “The lower limit would improve air quality.’’ That is not true, and once again, I challenge him to prove otherwise.

Something I also noticed about The Star article, was that there was no mention of the lives that could be saved, by reducing the speed limit on these roads. When these proposals were first announced, the main issue seemed to be improving air quality, by less pollution. Secondly, how it would cut the death rate on these roads. How many pedestrians were killed, in collision with a car, on these roads, during the last 12 months? I may be wrong, but I do not recall any.

The only conclusion I can reach is that Coun Scott and the city council are prepared to put at risk the health of Sheffield people in order for them to play at politics and try to look good. They should be ashamed of themselves, but of course, many politicians have no shame.

Mike Lawton


Hardly surprising

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In Michael’s Parker’s letter on the loss of HMS Sheffield he said that the ship’s Sea Wolf missiles were unable to defend it. This is hardly surprising as class 42 destroyers did not have Sea Wolf.

Keith Banks

by email

The real nasty party

So once again Labour shows us which is the real nasty party with the comments from Jared O’ Mara on women.

This follows the outrageous comments by Clive Lewis at the Labour party conference and many anti-Jewish references at other gatherings.

Whilst never a follower of Nick Clegg’s politics, in particular his stance on Brexit, he always struck me as a man with impeccable manners.

J Bunting


Sheffield FC 160th Birthday

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Reading The Star, Tuesday, October 24, I was a little surprised and disappointed there was no mention of Sheffield FC celebrating their 160th Birthday.

The oldest football club in the world, the first written rules of football and with all the foreign visitors to the ground through the season I would have thought some mention or article on this occasion would have warranted some space in the aforementioned copy of the Star paper.

Come on Sheffield, get behind our heritage, be proud of what we have in Sheffield and get behind Sheffield FC.

Just saying.

Pat Webster

by email

Put the bus stop back

Once again our buses have been butchered, a child could have managed it better.

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Our 19 bus put in place and the bus stop removed, we need the stop back as climbing Scarsdale Road is out of the question, many pensioners live at the top of this mountainous road. The Cross Scythes pub will lose out and the visitors to Scarsdale Grange have difficulty getting there. The tree debris is still in place, shall we have trimmings for Christmas?Please put the bus stop back it is causing a lot of unnecessary stress.

P V Glowen

19 bus, Hollythorpe Estate