PICTURES: How the joy of shoes is helping this Sheffield mum through her cancer ordeal

Sheffield mum-of-two Felicity Gilligan has not let cancer spoil her love of nice shoes.

Saturday, 18th November 2017, 2:25 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 12:11 pm
Felicity's shoes.

For she has vowed to wear a different pair every time she gets treatment to raise money for charity.

The 32-year-old was devastated by a breast cancer diagnosis in March.

Colourful shoes.

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But she is aiming to keep her head held high through a very well-heeled fundraising campaign.

The Stannington woman, who has two boys Guy, aged one, and Bradley, aged three, is wearing a different pair of shoes for each of her 23 radiotherapy treatment appointments at Sheffield's Weston Park Hospital and is posting pictures to her Instagram account.

She is hoping the campaign will gather momentum online and help her to raise at least £500 for Cancer Research UK. And she is already more than halfway towards her target.

Felicity said: "Rather than worrying about my treatment each day, I instead worry about what I'm going to wear!

Felicity, Andrew and the two boys.

"I decided that I may be going through treatment but thought to myself that it was no excuse to dress down.

"I am a true believer of look good, feel good and I refused to let my diagnosis crush my spirit and change me.

"I didn't want people to change how they viewed or treated me and I certainly didn't want anyone feeling sorry for me. I needed to be normal and be 'me' for the sake of my sons, my husband and my wellbeing.

"I hope to inspire other young cancer sufferers to be positive about themselves after diagnosis and during treatment - it is so important to not let cancer define you."

Felicity and her shoes.

Husband Andrew, a 40-year-old electrician, said: "Felicity's attitude has been so positive, she has really inspired us.

"It would be great if people can get behind the fundraising campaign, we would like to smash the target if we can."

To donate to the cause visit

Felicity's sparkly shoes.
Colourful shoes.
Felicity, Andrew and the two boys.
Felicity and her shoes.
Felicity's sparkly shoes.