PICTURES: Dockless bike left in tree on Hunter's Bar roundabout

One of Sheffield's new 'scan-and-go' dockless hire bikes has been left in a tree on Hunter's Bar roundabout.

Thursday, 11th January 2018, 10:12 am
Updated Thursday, 11th January 2018, 12:50 pm
A dockless bike in a tree on Hunter's Bar roundabout.

The unusual sight was spotted by a number of Star readers yesterday - in just the second day of the revolutionary scheme's operation.

The fleet of 1,000 bright yellow bikes were launched in the city on Wednesday by company Ofo - which boasts 200 million users in 20 countries across the world.

A dockless bike has been left in a tree on the Hunter's Bar roundabout.

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The Sheffield scheme is the firm's first foray into the north of England.

Star reader, James Roy Taylor, noticed the stranded cycle when he was driving up Ecclesall Road.

"I thought it was hilarious at the time," he said.

"I am a fellow cyclist and thought this scheme was going to be good for the city but I'm not too sure now. It is a shame though."

A dockless bike has been left in a tree on the Hunter's Bar roundabout.

James added that he had also heard another of the bikes had already been been left in a canal near the city centre.

Another reader, Lynn Carnall, said she had seen one of the distinctive bright yellow bikes at the bottom of East Bank Road, and another two at the bottom of City Road.

"I don't think people fancy peddling up the hills!" she added.

After hiring the bikes using their smartphone, users are asked to keep them within a designated zone around the centre of Sheffield.

They are then awarded points on the basis of how responsibly they use the cycles - and can be banned from using them if they don't follow the rules.

A team of marshals will operate around the city seven days a week, bringing back bikes that have been left outside the zone, which encompasses both universities, the Northern General Hospital and Hillsborough.

Joseph Seal-Driver, Ofo’s general manager UK & Ireland said: “Our large team of 14 marshals on the ground in Sheffield are there to make sure the service runs smoothly, and they quickly dealt with this incident. The retrieved bikes are undamaged and are already back in service.

“We're delighted with our launch in Sheffield and have been pleased with how the bikes have been received by locals. The vast majority of people are enjoying our bikes as intended.

“As with other cities we have launched in, the vast majority of our fleet is used in a responsible and considerate manner, but there has inevitably been a small amount of misuse. When this occurs our dedicated team of marshals respond swiftly, as they have done on this occasion.”

A spokesperson for the company later confirmed that the bike had been rescued from the tree less than half an hour after it was first reported.