PICTURE: Shocking moment randy couple filmed having sex in broad daylight behind Barnsley town centre church

A randy couple have become a viral internet sensation after being filmed having sex in broad daylight behind a town centre church.

Wednesday, 17th May 2017, 9:40 am
Updated Sunday, 4th June 2017, 9:03 pm
A still from the clip. The full video is too graphic to publish.

The pair were filmed romping on the pavement in an alleyway in Barnsley town centre yesterday - and the footage of the couple has already been seen more than 12,000 times after being shared on Facebook.

National newspaper The Sun has published video and photograhs of the couple taken at around 6.30am yesterday near Hope House Church, off Wellington Street in the town centre.

Wortley Street in Barnsley, where the clip was filmed.

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The clip starts with a voice describing the action in a David Attenborough impression.

He says: “Today on Planet Earth, in Barnsley, Wellington Street, we have a rare mating ritual between one hippopotopig (sic) and one female rhinoceros.”

The cameraman then walks over to a low wall beside an alleyway in Wortley Street, where moans and grunts can be heard.

He leans over to expose a couple having sex on the floor in an X-rated romp which shows a man with his trousers around his ankles with the woman beneath him, clearly oblivious to the fact they are being filmed.

Wortley Street in Barnsley, where the clip was filmed.

As he crouches back behind the wall again, the commentator adds: “A nice circular action there.”

The video was uploaded to Facebook with the caption: “Omg only in Barnsley!!" and has been widely shared across the social network.