PICTURE: Is this Doncaster MP Ed Miliband NUDE on an ancient Roman mosaic in Spain?

Is this former Labour leader and Doncaster North MP pictured NAKED on a 3rd century Roman mosaic?

Thursday, 8th September 2016, 2:32 pm
Updated Monday, 12th September 2016, 4:51 pm
Spot the difference - is this Ed Miliband pictured naked on a Roman mosaic?

Well, the world of Twitter certainly seems to like the idea after a London journalist and writer spotted a character bearing an uncannily resemblance to the politician in a Spanish museum.

Lucy Wainwright, who describes herself as a "word wrangler" tweeted a picture which appears to show a starkers Mr Miliband hidden away on a 3rd century Roman mosaic.

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She tweeted from her @Whoozley account: "Ed Miliband is an immortal who has reincarnated throughout history. We're through the looking glass here people," accompanied by three photographs of the artwork, entitled the Triumph of Bacchus and which is housed in the Museum of Archaeology in Seville in Spain.

The picture has been retweeted nearly 50 times and liked by 56 others among her 13,500 followers.

The bare-chested character is one of three featured on the artefact, which depicts the mythological scene of Bacchus's triumph over the Indies.

Accompanying Bacchus in the chariot is a nude figure of the young Ampelos - which Lucy implied bore an uncanny resemblance to Mr Miliband.