Pickles knighted

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Well! Well! What a surprise, shamefaced ‘Posh’ Dave Cameron has just knighted his chum Eric ‘Piggy’ Pickles for being sacked.

This is the same ‘Piggy’ Pickles that made the most brutal cuts to town hall budgets in generations during his five year tenure as communities secretary.

Social services, care homes, libraries, bus routes, youth clubs etc., all axed after he brutally cut 40% funding from councils from 2010-2015 at a stroke.

At the same time he and his department were racking up bills of tens of thousands of pounds on biscuits and limousines.

He even enjoyed a taxpayer funded £17,000 trip to China staying in £200/night hotels with his aides last year.

Apparently Council Leaders up and down the country are cheering at the news, not because of ‘Piggy’s’ knighthood but the fact he was sacked.

Another typical Westminster clique award for failure.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74 9LY