PHOTOS: Mario, Voldemort & Darth Vader - YOUR amazing Halloween pumpkins

These scarily good pumpkins have been hand crafted by residents of Yorkshire.
Sent in by Kimberley from WakefieldSent in by Kimberley from Wakefield
Sent in by Kimberley from Wakefield

They include Heath Ledger from The Dark Knight, David Bowie from Labyrinth, Mario, a Pokemon Pokeball and Star Wars’ Darth Vader, to name just a few.

Since we put out a plea via our Facebook page, we’ve been inundated with HUNDREDS of photos of amazing pumpin creations.

Think you can match some of these?

Sent in by Emma MamwellSent in by Emma Mamwell
Sent in by Emma Mamwell

Here’s how to make yours:

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1. Grab a pumpkin and use a serrated knife to cut off the top.

2. Scoop out the seeds and flesh inside with a large spoon.

3. Draw an outline of the design you want - from a simple face to something more elaborate  - and then use a small serrated knife (carefully!) to cut out the features. You must cut with the blade facing AWAY from you in case you slip.

4. Put a tealight inside, light it and replace the top.

Always be safe, and don’t leave candles unattended!

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