PHOTOS: Dead good at Sheffield’s Fright Night

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IT’s the only time of year when parents don’t mind if their kids act like little monsters!

Ghosts, witches, wizards and zombies in their thousands took to the streets of Sheffield last night for the annual Fright Night festival.

Sheffield City Centre Fright Night...Fire Spinners in Tudor Square

Sheffield City Centre Fright Night...Fire Spinners in Tudor Square

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There was a carnival atmosphere as the city centre was transformed into terrifying tourist attraction for the annual Hallowe’en carnival.

Among the attractions were a fancy dress catwalk, urban dance, shopping trolley zombie grannies, a monster in the fountain, a spooky ghost ship, Star Wars Stormtroopers, Uncle Fest on his moving piano, a voodoo New Orleans jazz band and the usual funfair rides and stalls.

Sheffield City Centre Fright Night...The Adams Family from Rotherham.

Sheffield City Centre Fright Night...The Adams Family from Rotherham.

Organisers said the event, believed to be the biggest in Europe, attracted around 40,000 visitors - and the vast majority had a frighteningly fun time dressing up for the occasion.

Fargate was frighting, Barker’s Pool a pool of blood and the Peace Gardens was the place to Rest - in Peace.

Pin Head Steve Foster from Ecclesfield, was fittingly found on Pinstone Street with his family - Pam, Chris, Rachel and Finlay - who were all dressed as characters from Ghost Busters.

Meanwhile, Little Lucas and Alex Austin from Stannington, were transformed into the devil and dracula.

The boys, who were with mum Helen and dad Mark and were particularly looking forward to a ride on the Ghost Train. “I hope it’s not too scary,” said Alex, aged four. “I hope it is,” said his brother, six.

On Fargate The Star met Spiderman - aka Peter Brown, from Leeds.

“I heard about it on the radio,” said Peter. “I’m so glad I came.”

Peter wasn’t the only one who travelled some distance for the bash.

Ilhan Dusnmez and Miranda Van-Eituon came all the way from Holland - and they loved it.

“We are staying with family in Sheffield and thought we’d pop down. We’ll be back,” they said.

As scary groups go you’d do well to beat the Adams family - that’s Sarah, 44, Tim, 42, Rosie 16 and Becky 23.

“Yeah everyone laughs when we tell them we’re the Adams family,” said Rosie. “But this is real fun.”

Anna Marie Rodriguez, aged three, was wearing a bear’s outfit and sitting on her dad’s shoulders.

“She comes every year,” said dad Ricardo from Heeley. “Nothing scares her.”

Batman Roos Robinson was joined by his partner Sharon Westman who was dressed as the Joker and their son 18-month old Corben was dressed up as an incy wincy spider.

Said Roos: “When else can you get away with dressing as Batman on Fargate?”

Danny Galloway, aged 46, and Janice Brown, 49, were dressed as characters from Planet of the Apes.

Great costumes. But weren’t they hot?

“Yes,” said Danny who lives in Hertfordhsire. “I’m sweating like a gorilla under here.”

Callum East, 13, and Dalton Scaithe, 11, looked as though they’d been hit by a Supertram.

The Parson Cross pair reckon it took them about half an hour to be transformed into bloodied pulp by Dalton’s mum.

Add to the mix a couple of giant Frankenstein monsters, a caged Egyptian mummy, a robotic fire-breathing horse ridden by a zombie and chap sitting for hours in a bath of wriggling maggots and it’s possible to see why the event is such a popular addition to the city’s annual events calendar.

Organiser of the monster-sized event, Scott Barton said: “This is Britain’s biggest and best Hallowe’en carnival.

“When we started hosting Fright Night it was about getting people to into the city centre and to combat the anti-social side of Hallowe’en so you don’t have to scare the pants off your neighbours.

“I am so glad that people like it.”