Photography: How I caught the Aurora Borealis out in the Peak District

The Aurora Northern Lights captured in the Peak District.
Purple PeaksPurple Peaks
Purple Peaks

Here, photographer Lee Richards, from Sheffield, tells us how he captured his picture of the Aurora Borealis/ Northern Lights.

Details: Taken 24/04/2023 1:20am.

Ladybower Dam, Ladybower Reservoir, Peak District.

I use the Aurora Watch UK app and Sunday evening it was pinging quite a lot.

The magnetic field range was also showing really high.

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At around half 11 I decided to go out the Peak District whilst thinking of a good North facing location that wasn't too far away. Ladybower Dam was the perfect place so I parked up, put on my head torch and proceeded to the location.

The moon was also a 17% waxing Crescent đŸŒ” so not overly bright which would help me to catch any activity.

I set up and started taking lots of photos. I stayed for two hours 30 mins and captured around maybe 300 long exposure shots.

I could see the colours and movements through the screen on my camera so I knew I was capturing something special.

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Also if you removed all light from your eyes and let them settle to the darkness you can also see activity happening. Although it doesn't stand out massively, if you know, you kinda know.

I've only ever seen it through cloud breaks and this night wasn't an exception alhough there were more breaks.

I always compare it to lights shining from an arena or event but more faint. They kinda brush across the sky and make you feel a little wobbly like the earth is moving.

All in all it was a lovely relaxing night under the stars.