Philip Cox to scale Britain's tallest peaks for organisation which saved him

A Doncaster man who has 'good and bad' days as he fights post traumatic stress disorder is raising money to thank a vital organisation.
Doncaster man Phil Cox is raising money for Combat StressDoncaster man Phil Cox is raising money for Combat Stress
Doncaster man Phil Cox is raising money for Combat Stress

Philip Cox, 62, will scale the tallest peaks in Britain as he aims to raise £2,000 for Combat Stress, the veterans' mental health charity.

A veteran of Northern Ireland and Sudan conflicts, Mr Cox will set off on June 1 to walk the 100 highest mountains in Britain.

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The journey will take him more than six months, as Mr Cox scales 35 peaks in Wales, 35 in Scotland and 30 in the Lake District.

Mr Cox, who live at Clifton Hill, Conisbrough, retired in 1992, and says post traumatic stress cost him his marriage.

"My wife couldn't put up with it, and left me," he said.

The former army sergeant would barricade himself inside his home for days at a time.

He disconnected his phone and got rid of all his furniture, leaving just a chair and table.

"I became a recluse," he said.

At his lowest point, he attempted suicide.

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"I took a load of tablets, and laid them out in loads of five," Mr Cox said.

"I had a nice cup of a tea and some whisky, and went to bed."

Mr Cox woke up the next morning, but was 'violently ill' at work.

Mr Cox said he had beaten the worst of the condition, and credits the Combat Stress organisation for its help.

Every four months, Mr Cox receives treatment in Shropshire.

One-to-one and group sessions are part of the programme.

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"They talk about what's happening with your brain," Mr Cox said.

He is adamant the organisation saved him.

"I've come out the other side, and some of my friends haven't," Mr Cox said.

He aims to raise £2,000, and has £1750 in the kitty at the moment.

This year's isn't the first fundraiser Mr Cox has completed for the challenge.

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He cycled around the coast in 2011, covering 4,500 miles in 90 days.

He won't stop after this effort. Mr Cox also wants to walk around Britain.

"I've travelled the world, but I've always wanted to see my own country," he said.

To donate to the cause, visit