Petition opposes plans to merge Tinsley schools

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Plans to build a new primary school in an urban suburb of Sheffield are being opposed by some residents – who say it will lead to the loss of vital green space.

Consultations have begun on proposals to construct a merged infant and junior school on Tinsley Recreation Ground, next to the Tinsley Green Centre.

The council says it is the only suitable location and will move the existing schools away from the M1 and Tinsley viaduct, where levels of air pollution are high.

It is pledging to turn the current sites of the schools into alternative green areas, if the plans get the go-ahead.

But a protest petition circulating in the area has already collected nearly 200 names.

Muzasar Rahman, whose four children went to the schools and who lives close to the recreation ground, said the area was of great value in a heavily built-up suburb.

“People are also concerned the new school will bring more traffic into the heart of the community, causing congestion and pollution,” he said.

“The feeling too is that these consultations are a sham and the needs of the community are being disrespected.

“And as for creating new green space on the site of the old schools - who is going to want to take a picnic and sit in the shadow of the M1 with its noise and fumes? It’s ridiculous.”