Petition launched for speed cameras after dog dies

Concerned residents have launched a petition calling for speed cameras on a busy road after a dog was fatally hit.

Friday, 27th September 2019, 11:02 am
Updated Monday, 30th September 2019, 7:23 pm
Mosborough High Street

Stacey Morgan, from Mosborough, started the petition earlier this month after her sister’s chihuahua was killed by a speeding car when it escaped from their garden on Friday 13.

In a petition statement, she said: “The high street in Mosborough has become it’s very own race track over time. The speed of vehicles is beyond a joke…

“(The dog’s) insides were scattered over the road. My sister came out to her seven year old chihuahua dead, nobody stopped, nobody cared. The speed limit is not stuck by and it won’t be long before it will be a person.

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“Something needs to be done about the speed of vehicles around this area, with many local residents also concerned. This has shattered my family.”

So far the petition has gathered 33 signatures in one week. It will run until 28 October.

Councillor Tony Downing, Lord Mayor and representative for Mosborough Ward, said he passed the petition on to MP Clive Betts and South Yorkshire Police.

“There have been a few complaints and I did go earlier this year with former councillor David Barker and the police with a speed gun but of course when drivers see the yellow high viz vests they slow down so it only works when the police are there.

“We also had recently a speed indicator device on Mosborough Moor, however trying to get motorists to drive at a safe speed is a constant battle.

“I would support a petition, but because of funding cuts of unprecedented proportions and the number of traffic calming measures required across the city it may not be easy to achieve but anything is worth a try.”

Coun Kevin Oxley, representative for Mosborough Ward, said: “I was aware of the sad incident with the pet dog getting knocked down and killed on High Street in Mosborough from the Mosborough Forum, and as a dog owner my heart goes out to them.

“I know that Gail Smith has been in touch with the family and we are also speaking with Inspector Dave Struggles about this incident and other issues across the ward in the next few weeks. Inspector Struggles has invited us to take part and observe a speed camera session on the High Street and we are waiting for him to confirm times and dates.

“There were also reports on the Mosborough Form, following this incident, of ‘boy racers’ using High Street and Windmill Greenway as a racetrack in the evenings. No one else has contacted us directly regarding speeding along High Street and certainly last year we spoke to a large number of residents in the immediate area.

“It is obviously concerning and we would urge anyone to report such incidents to the Police. It is unfortunately a sign of the times that the more people report such issues like this to the Police, the higher the problem is raised on their priority list and action taken.”

Coun Gail Smith, representative for Mosborough Ward, added: “The police have said they will monitor the High Street and set up a hand held speed gun to see just how much of a problem this is.

“Speed is a problem in many areas. I live in Waterthorpe so can not say weather it’s a problem on High street. But if residents who live in Mosborough tell me it is a problem, and if the signatures are from people in Mosborough, then yes of course I will support it.”