Fears raised that missing 'big cat' spotted near McDonald's could have travelled 50 miles to South Yorkshire

A pet owner says a ‘big cat’ spotted prowling for food near to a Doncaster McDonald’s could be hers – which went missing two years ago and could have travelled 50 miles to the town.

By Darren Burke
Thursday, 3rd February 2022, 11:07 am

Customers at the burger chain’s drive thru at Redhouse Interchange were stunned when the 4ft, sandy coloured beast with a distinctive striped tail was spotted in bushes on Monday morning.

Now a woman whose savannah-breed cat went missing from home in North Yorkshire two years ago has said that the animal might be hers.

After watching footage of the animal as it slowly crept alongside the hedgerow near to the restaurant in Woodlands, Pamella Standish said: “The description of the cat seen would appear to be the same as my cat.

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The big cat was spotted prowling near a Doncaster McDonald's. (Photo: Jon Middleton)

“He has been missing for almost two years now.

“My cat Zani was 4ft long and leopard like at the time of going missing and he was about 14 inches tall, but he will have grown more since then.

“He is not dangerous, he is a Savannah, with tufts in his ears as well. He is chipped and neutered and is wary of strangers.”

He went missing from Ampleforth in North Yorkshire.

She added: “There have been sightings, but nothing since before Christmas, which is very worrying.

“It could mean he has now moved out of the area, that breed can easily move 50 miles or more overnight, or possibly got into a vehicle, then escaped.”

Ampleforth is approximately 50 miles from Doncaster.

She added: “Of course it may not be him, but we do need to eliminate him.”

Diner Jon Middleton said: “I was just sat in the queue for the drive thru in my car when this animal emerged out of the hedgerow.

“It was huge. It’s markings and behaviour were quite distinctive. It looked like it was sniffing around for food.

“It had very large paws, leopard print markings on its back half and a very distinctive striped tail and also longer hairs on top of its ears.

“Everyone was saying how beautiful it was, but everyone was really freaked out too.”

Anyone with information can contact Mrs Standish via [email protected]