Perhaps we should be grateful for small mercies

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The letter from G Lawrence on the state of Sheffield’s roads, amused me. The writer states that the roads have only been resurfaced in certain privileged areas.

The first area to have the roads done was Shiregreen, one of the most deprived areas of the city, and as a resident of that area I can only say that if someone living in Stumperlowe thinks Shiregreen is a privileged area, then they need to get out more.

The roads project cannot be done in every area at once. Someone has to be first, and someone has to be last. Perhaps what the writer meant was that their more affluent area should have been done first? It is true that Shiregreen was first, but as previous correspondents have pointed out, the estate has been left only half done. The least used areas, the side roads, have been done, but the main road and bus route have not. Why you resurface the least worn areas first and leave the most used and badly surfaced roads for another four years in beyond me. The 100-yard stretch of Harley Brook Road between Beck Road and Butterthwaite Road is in an appalling state for a main road.

It is so bad I refuse to drive my car down there.

On the plus side, the state of the main road is the only thing that keeps speeds down to around 30 to 40mph, which is not bad for an area with a speed limit of 20mph. Perhaps we should be grateful for small mercies.

S Collins