'Perhaps she ought to predict who's going to win and have done with it'

Oh dear, I did something I swore I wouldn't do the other night, and I ended up watching a fragment from the new series of Celebrity Big Brother.

Thursday, 6th September 2018, 7:16 am
Updated Thursday, 6th September 2018, 7:21 am
Psychic Sally

The line-up was pretty much what I’d predicted in a previous letter, (‘Oh Brother, it’s unfair’, August 16), although one thing I didn’t predict was the addition of ‘Psychic Sally’.

Perhaps she ought to predict who’s going to win and have done with it.

Nothing much has changed anyway.

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The swearing could still put the Osbornes and Mrs Brown in the shade, glamour girls and footballers are still flirting up a storm and there’s still no shortage of people snoring and playing the wind instrument, (and I’m not referring to the clarinet there), the comedian Hardeep Singh Kohli being the main offender in that respect.

Their main signing, the aptly named Stormy Daniels, who claims to be an ex-conquest of Donald Trump’s, really lived up to her name by pulling out at the last minute, being replaced by an, (unknown to most of us here), American reality star, Natalie Nunn, who, unlike Stormy, definitely didn’t live up to her name, what with all the expletives she let fly and generally being about as subtle as an 8am bin collection, (mind you, we’re lucky to get them at all, so shouldn’t complain really).

Only one person’s been sent on his way for overstepping the mark so far and that was basically a mask on a stick, (namely Rodrigo Alves), who is emulating Barbie’s other half, Ken, and keeping all the cosmetic surgeons in business in the process.

He disgraced himself by making racist comments allegedly, although he himself said the reason he left was because he couldn’t live without his ‘phone and left voluntarily.

Anyway, I stand by my previous assertion that the GPs behind closed doors are the real stars, plus all the other GPs, doctors, nurses, firemen, the list goes on, as opposed to the vacuous and self-obsessed celebs.

However, the celeb culture still lives on, helped along by social media, reality TV and all else that feeds it.

Having said that, I think Channel 5 will still do what the dentist does with a bad tooth sooner or later, and pull it!

In the meantime, no need to put up with a toothache – just change channels!

CM Langan

Woodseats, S8