The perfect gifts to treat your dogs this holiday season

Having the family together is what Christmas is all about and for many of us this includes our canine companions.

Thursday, 20th December 2018, 2:02 pm
Updated Thursday, 20th December 2018, 2:08 pm
Treat your dog this Christmas

Our pets are an extension of our family and animal lovers everywhere will no doubt be looking to treat their four-legged best friends over the Christmas holidays.

Treats, gifts and even an extra belly scratch can make your pooch feel extremely loved. Lintbells, manufacturers of natural pet supplements has put together a few ways you can make sure your dog gets that festive pampering they so truly deserve;

Treat your dog this Christmas

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Create a stocking

Everyone loves a Christmas stocking, and dogs are no exception. You can either buy a ready-made stocking or create your own with personalised treats you know your dog will enjoy. Fill it with fun new toys and tasty treats that can help maintain their general health and wellbeing. So many treats in one small package! Your four-legged friend is sure to love it.

Take a festive walk

It may be tempting to become one with the sofa after a hearty turkey dinner but remember that your dog still needs a walk. Wrap up warm (perhaps put your dog in the new coat you got them as a present) and have a brisk winter stroll. Why not even bring along the family and make it a group outing? It could turn into a fun Christmas tradition!

Joint stiffness can be quite common in dogs especially over the winter months regardless of their age or breed. If this is true of your pet, try out a quality supplement like Lintbells’ YuMOVE throughout the season, so their joints are supported and ready for winter walks. The supplement has a natural formula, with ingredients including Green Lipped Mussel that help promote mobility and supports joint structure. It is the ideal supplement to maintain your pup’s joint health and keep him happy this holiday season.

Pamper your pooch

Another perfect Christmas gift is a brand-new bed. Keeping an old dog bed for too long can lead to it becoming dirty and covered in germs. Giving your best friend a new bed for Christmas will mean they have a nice and new cosy place to relax in during the Christmas period.

Bake some dog friendly treats

Nothing shows more love than hand making someone’s present, and while your dog may not realise their treats are handmade, they’ll be as grateful as if they did. Carrots, apple sauce, banana and peanut butter are great for making dog-friendly cakes and biscuits. There are lots of recipes online, some of which are human-friendly as well, so everyone can enjoy them. Make sure you check in with your vet before indulging in these treats with your dog. Giving your dog their own treat or toy will also keep them occupied and lessen their interest in what you’re eating over the festive season.

Quality time

Finally, Christmas is all about time with your loved ones and your dogs will definitely agree that the best present you could give them is endless amount of love and adoration. So, make sure you spend some quality time with your pup, whether that be playing a game with him or just cuddling up to watch that popular Christmas movie. Your pets will love you for it and you’ll create some wonderful memories!

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