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It is often said that it is older people, like myself, who find it difficult to embrace change but I find many people, especially the young, are so afraid of anything that appears to challenge the status quo.

Thursday, 17th November 2016, 5:57 am
Updated Thursday, 17th November 2016, 2:15 pm

The Star’s Richard Blackledge (Nov 12) says ‘Who knows how attitudes towards the UK will shift once the country is untethered from the EU?’.

I would point out that we are hardly entering uncharted territory as we did manage to exist without the EU prior to 1973.

I am hopeful that our country will receive more respect when we are once again free to make our own decisions in our own parliament instead of being shackled to a corrupt organisation that constantly dictates to us.

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We have recently witnessed the hysterical outbursts in our country following the Referendum vote to leave the EU, and in the USA now that Donald Trump has won the election to be the next President, but I can’t help but feel what a different breed of weak and unadventurous people now inhabit the world in comparison to previous generations.

In the UK we have the bitter ‘Remainers’ who believe Great Britain is going to collapse because we have voted to leave the EU, and in America (although I could have wished for a more suitable leader to occupy the White House) there are cries from the Democrats that the world is about to end now Trump is to become President.

Could anyone take Hillary Clinton seriously when she had the support of Beyonce and Madonna?

One American female panel member on last Thursday’s Question Time (BBC1) looked as though she had completely lost the plot when ranting on about Donald Trump.

She reminded me of Glenn Close as the deranged ‘bunny boiler’ in Fatal Attraction.

We also have the smug celebrities such as Gary Lineker and Lily Allen wailing on about how badly refugees are being treated when they haven’t a clue what they are talking about, as with their affluent lifestyle they are unaffected and isolated from the rest of us in their own safe little bubble.

We see thousands of young, healthy men, (many of whom are not genuine refugees but economic migrants) who have abandoned their families and countries to seek asylum in the UK and elsewhere.

In both the First and Second World Wars brave young men pretended they were older in order to enlist and fight for their country unlike many of the refugees who shamefully masquerade as children to gain access to our country. Meanwhile our infrastructure is collapsing under the strain.

One can only imagine what would have happened had our young men done the same in WW2 and if our Battle of Britain soldiers had given up and sought asylum elsewhere.

England would have lost the war and ended up under the domination of Germany and the jack-booted Nazis.

So, if these young asylum seekers who are trying to enter the UK are fleeing war-torn countries why can’t they stay put to protect their families and fight for the freedom of their own country as our servicemen did?

I am so sick and tired of the wailing and whingeing of people in this country and abroad who lack the courage, strength and determination of past generations who had to face far worse hardship but just uncomplainingly got on with the job.

Just because large numbers of people across the world are rejecting their present unfair political systems doesn’t mean it’s the end of civilisation, so I wish all these silly people would stop the panic and mass hysteria merely because they disagree with those seeking a new direction.

We need to unite and support our respective countries as changing course may just lead to a better and fairer world for everyone – not just for the wealthy and privileged elite.

As Barack Obama so wisely stated we are all striving towards the same goal as we want the best for our country, so let’s see an end to all the vicious insults and racist slurs towards those who have voted for political change and a curb on immigration.

All those in our country trying to block Brexit and the triggering of Article 50 need to remember the very true saying ‘united we stand – divided we fall’ and they need to accept that, whether they like it or not, the majority have voted for change.

Susan Richardson

Westminster Crescent, Lodge Moor, Sheffield, S10