Young Sheffield United fan faces surgery after mangling two fingers in bicycle accident

The father of ‘Suffolk’s only Blades fan’ is asking for Sheffield to keep his son in their thoughts today as he undergoes reconstructive surgery for his fingers after they were mangled in a bicycle accident.

Wednesday, 11th August 2021, 11:41 am

15-year-old Stanley Turner receives no end of ribbing from his friends for being possibly the only lad his age in East Anglia flying the flag for Sheffield United.

But today, the young fan’s dad is asking his football club to wish him luck as he heads into reconstructive surgery to see if he can save two of his fingers.

Dad John Turner said: “It was horrific. He did a silly thing really.”

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15-year-old Stanley Turner is facing reconstructive surgery today after damaging his fingers in a bicycle accident.

Stanley is in hospital today after a bicycle accident earlier this week.

While cycling around his village, the 15-year-old heard a clicking noise around the brakes on his front wheel and reached down to try and sort it.

However, he ended up catching hand in the still-moving wheel and severing the tips of his ring and middle fingers on his left hand.

"It was like something out of the most gory horror film,” said John. “His poor fingers were mangled.”

Dad John Turner says Stanley flies the flag for Sheffield United F.C. every day and is always in his Blades kit.

Now, Stanley is heading into surgery today (August 11) with leading experts at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge to see if his digits can be reconnected, or else have his hand reconstructed.

Now, John is hoping Stanley’s fellow supporters from Sheffield United F.C. will wish him luck as he heads into the operating room.

John said: “Thankfully he’s right handed but the way it is with these things, he’s been winding himself up thinking about the worst case scenario. But they’re apparently expert surgeons in the field and we just have to hope.

"Whenever he gets home from school he’s straight into this Blades kit. He was able to go to two home matches in his time which were both superb for him. One was the 3-3 draw with Manchester United I think.

"He definitely flies the flag for them, every day.”

With all being well, Stanley will be be able to not only get back on his bike but look forward to his other hobbies too. The 15-year-old is a talented bowls player, which he competes for at a county level.

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