This is what it is like to busk on the streets of Sheffield

You may have seen this young man performing on the streets of Sheffield as well as performing on the stages of festivals and local music events - and now he has his own music coming out.

Friday, 31st January 2020, 4:00 pm
Updated Thursday, 13th February 2020, 2:19 pm

Brad Ryan, 22, started singing when he found his talent for it at the age of 16 and then began busking at the age of 19.

He studied music technology at A-level and has now turned his room into a home made music studio.

“I just enjoy performing and seeing people enjoy what I do, whether that’s enjoying my gigs or on the streets.

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Brad Ryan

“Sheffield is absolutely packed full of so much talent, from crazy singers to multi-talented instrumentalists - a few of which I’ve had the pleasure of working and collaborating with.

“Young people these days are into every kind of music that you could possibly find. I’ve met so many people that enjoy pop music just as much as indie rock or rap,” said Brad.

Brad can often be seen performing on The Moor, and boasts an eclectic repertoire of songs.

He said: “The thing I love about singing on the streets is I can sing any song I like and play around with different styles and try new things.”

Brad Ryan

But he does not always receive positive responses to his music.

“A couple of weeks back I got threatened by three guys telling me to leave town. They cut my wires and left...I had a spare wire so I waited for them to leave, then carried on.”

Brad Ryan performing in Sheffield, the Moor
Brad Ryan performing outside the Moor in Sheffield