‘We used to dance around the kitchen’: Heartbroken sister pays tribute to older brother after tragic Sheffield car crash

The family of a 51-year-old Sheffield man who died after he was hit by a car in a ‘pure accident’ have paid tribute to their beloved brother and son at an inquest into his death today (March 5).

By Lloyd Bent
Friday, 5th March 2021, 2:58 pm

Peter Broughton of Otley Walk, Walkley, was walking down Beet Street in Netherthorpe on March 24 last year when he was hit by a car coming up the road in the opposite direction.

The inquest heard that although the car only impacted Peter with a ‘glancing blow’ it was enough to set him off balance and he fell, hitting his head on the ground.

He was taken to hospital but sadly died two days later from serious head injuries.

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Our thoughts are with Peter's family and friends. Picture from South Yorkshire Police.

Giving evidence to Assistant Coroner Katie Dickinson, forensic collision investigator Mike Senior said that Peter had been walking in the road, around five feet from the curb. Mrs Dickinson speculated that this could have been because he was starting to cross the road.

A black Skoda Yeti was being driven at around 20mph in the opposite direction, towards the city centre, when Peter ‘fell’ into the vehicle.

In a statement to police, the driver of the car said that he was coming round the corner on the road and saw Peter, who appeared to be ‘unstable’ on his feet.

Relaying the driver’s evidence to the court, investigating officer PC Paula Townsend said: “[Peter] was walking purposefully down the road but was not on the pavement.

"He looked to be getting caught up with himself going downhill. [The driver] gave Peter a wide berth as he drove round the corner.”

PC Townsend added: “I am not sure how Peter ended up falling into the vehicle.

"The driver did not know what the bang was until he looked in the rear view mirror and saw Peter in the road.”

The driver continued up Beet Street before turning round and returning to the scene, where he cooperated fully with police when they arrived.

Mr Senior added: “The collision occurred at around 7.15pm, so it took place in darkness. However visibility was good, the surface was dry and there were no defects on the road.”

The driver of the Skoda was breathalysed at the scene and the reading was zero. He also passed an eye test and the car was fully insured and in full working order.

At the inquest Peter’s sister Paula – who was accompanied by parents Eileen and Peter Senior, as well as sister Tracy – paid tribute to he brother.

"Peter could get on with anybody. You could always have a right good laugh with him,” she said.

"We grew up nearby on Lambert Street and then Leicester Walk. We used to watch TV together and we used to dance around the kitchen.

"He used to say funny things. He had some daft phrases."

The coroner found that Peter Broughton died from blunt force head trauma and that this was the result of a road traffic accident.

Peter is survived by his sisters Paula and Tracy, his brother Mark and his parents Eileen and Peter.