'We are now a movement' Piers Corbyn tells hundreds at Sheffield 'anti-mask' protest

Violence erupted in Sheffield city centre, following an ‘anti-mask’ protest in the nearby Peace Gardens, led by Piers Corbyn.

Sunday, 6th September 2020, 1:30 pm

Around 300 people attended the demonstration at 12pm on Saturday, which called for an end to nationwide lockdowns, and to the enforcement of mandatory mask wearing.

Mr Corbyn – the brother of former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn – spoke at the event, labelling the government’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic ‘utterly insane.’

“We gave Boris Johnson a final warning to prove there was a virus or give up, and as he didn’t respond, he must now give up all the lockdowns,” said the prominent climate-change denier, as police flanked the square - warning onlookers they were in direct violation of health guidelines and at risk of incurring a £10,000 fine.

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Piers Corbyn arrives at the protest in Sheffield

Mr Corbyn continued: “Our key message for the public is that the lockdowns are unjustified.

"This is the lockdown to end your rights and freedom, to control you.”

He accused the government of having a hidden agenda, adding that the move towards mass vaccination was really dangerous.

He said “Why vaccinate the whole planet for something only affecting 0.006 per cent of the population?

'Anti-mask' protest held in Sheffield's Peace Gardens

"No vaccines whatsoever!”

He also told listeners it was important to spread the message about how dangerous masks are - posing a risk to health due to illnesses such as legionnaire's disease.

He urged people to demand an urgent lifting of all lockdowns and told everyone present to go home and write to their MPs immediately.

“We are now a movement, and we will win provided we have a mass united action,” he added.

Piers says: 'We are now a movement' urging those present to join the protest in London on September 26

"It’s down to you to put out propaganda which shows the truth, and mobilise numbers like we’ve never seen before to march on September 26 in London.”

Following the hour-long protest, which was organised by the group StandUpX Mission, protestors took to Sheffield’s Fargate, entering shops without masks in direct violation of health guidelines.

Video footage has emerged of the chaotic scene, in which protestors can be seen scuffling and squaring up to police officers as crowds file along and while mounted police pass by.

It took police several minutes to reach protest leader Mr Corbyn, who was being protected by a number of protestors who continued to jeer and shout abuse at police officers as they tried to reach him.

Once arrested, Mr Corbyn was led away on Fargate by police as angry protesters shouted ‘shame on you’ at officers.

Shortly after the arrest, police could be seen battling to resuscitate an onlooker who slumped over during the chaotic incident. Moments before his collapse, the video shows the man sitting down as another approaches to check he’s alright.

The shattering footage shows officers giving CPR for nearly four minutes before paramedics arrive, whilst holding back protestors shouting more abuse and cries of ‘murderers.’

It is understood the man was brought around by paramedics - who took him to hospital.

An eye witness said: “Police were still 100 per cent professional and sheltered the man while working on him.

“The police officers were tirelessly trying to save the man’s life until an ambulance arrived and luckily revived him.”