WATCH: Sheffield Hollywood star Sean Bean's hilarious new swashbuckling Yorkshire Tea advert

Sheffield’s very own Hollywood icon Sean Bean has brewed up a brand new screen role – starring in a hilarious new swashbuckling advert for Yorkshire Tea.

By Darren Burke
Thursday, 4th July 2019, 9:46 am
Updated Friday, 5th July 2019, 11:40 am

The 60-year-old star is shown terrifying a new batch of recruits at the Yorkshire Tea factory in Harrogate, waving a sword around at an induction session and delivering an impassioned speech which ends with the war cry: “Do it for Yorkshire!”

The ad is pastiche of Bean’s roles in swashbuckling dramas such as Sharpe and Game Of Thrones and is a far cry from the TV and film roles which have turned him into a global screen favourite.

Bradford born magician Dynamo has also signed up for an advert, the first of which hit screens on Tuesday.

Sean Bean in the new Yorkshire Tea advert.

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With the slogan, "where everything's done proper,” Bean’s ad shows him arriving at a staff induction session for new Yorkshire Tea employees.

Standing at the front of the meeting, he tells the gathered recruits: “Morning all,” before suddenly pulling out a sword and launching into a rallying speech.

“Brothers….sisters….today, a great legacy rests upon your shoulders,” he says.

“Because here we make more than just tea...we make proper brews.

“Brews that bring a tear to your eye and warmth to your soul.

As stirring music rises in the background, he reaches fever pitch and yells: “So go out there and do it for each other, do it for yourselves – but most of all, do it for Yorkshire.”

He then takes a slurp of tea from a Yorkshire Tea branded mug and adds: “Oh, and fire drill is Thursday at three.”

The pair star in the latest instalment of scenarios based in Taylor's Harrogate headquarters, with the slogan "where everything's done proper".

The extras in the adverts, filmed on location in Knaresborough, were also real Yorkshire tea employees.

Ben Newbury, Senior Brand Manager at Yorkshire Tea said: “We’re chuffed to bits with these new adverts and hope everyone loves them as much as we do.

"Sean Bean and Dynamo are experts in their crafts and truly epitomise the art of ‘doing things properly’ – an ethos that is central to absolutely everything we do here at Yorkshire Tea.

"We’re so pleased we could recruit them to help spread the message of properness.”

The adverts follow on from the 2017 campaign which starred Sir Michael Parkinson conducting job interviews while the Kaiser Chiefs have also featured in an advert.