WARNING DISTRESSING PHOTOS: Woman left permanently scarred after being burnt by ‘careless’ Sheffield beautician during laser hair treatment

A woman said she has been left permanently scarred after a ‘careless’ Sheffield beautician burnt her during a laser hair removal procedure.

Thursday, 10th October 2019, 11:30 am
Myah was left with burns to her leg following a patch test for laser hair removal

Myah Jagjivan, 22, initially visited Carmen Singleton, of the independently-owned Taylor Taylor Nails and Beauty, in Surrey Street, in October 2018 in an effort to find a cost effective way of removing unwanted hair from her legs.

The former Sheffield Hallam University student said she trusted Carmen and had no reservations about using her services having visited her on numerous occasions the month before.

Before initially undergoing any laser treatment – which involves shining a concentrated beam of light onto the hair follicle – Myah was asked to visit the salon for a patch test in order to determine a safe and effective setting of the laser for her skin and hair type.

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Myah said the trauma left her depressed and hooked on pain killers

But shortly after returning home from the treatment she realised something was seriously wrong.

She said: “As soon as I got home my leg felt like it was burning in the five minute walk there. I thought maybe it was my jeans so I got home and changed into joggers and noticed black scars and my skin bubbling up.

“I rang Carmen and she said it could be an allergic reaction and she would send some Aloe Vera with one of my friends later on. I rang my mum whilst icing my leg and she told me this was not normal, within 15 minutes of returning home I was on my way to A&E. I was struggling to walk.

“A&E dressed my wounds and prescribed me pain killers, a leg wash and dressings.

Within 15 minutes of returning home from the patch test Myah went to A&E

“I also had to have needles into my blisters to drain the fluid around the burns which was excruciating. They referred me to the burns unit where I attended their appointments every few days to have my dressing changed and monitored.”

Myah, who now lives in Bristol, added: “I became really depressed. As a 21-year-old student I was in my prime of going out all the time, wearing short dresses no matter what the weather. So I really struggled to come to terms with not being able to show my legs.

“My dissertation was due in a few weeks and I was hooked on pain killers which made me drowsy and to be honest I felt best sleeping to forget. I couldn't even shower as I was not supposed to get half of my leg wet.

“My heart was not in anything I couldn't focus, I was unable to wear most of my clothes as my leg had ballooned and it was so delicate. I ended up missing a lot of university.”

The patch test changed the pigmentation of Myah's skin

Myah in now in the midst of a legal battle

She added: “I’ve paid hundreds for private dermatologists at renowned skin clinics who all told me there was nothing I could do. It is permanent skin damage and I had lost my pigment.”

Myah said her lawyers have also found out that Carmen was not insured to carry out the treatment until the day after the incident – however this has not been confirmed.

The Star has contacted Carmen Singleton but she declined to comment on the situation.