Urban explorer who has toured roughly 75 Sheffield buildings found explicit magazines, bottles of alcohol, and old wedding photos at his latest site

An urban explorer toured an old farm building in Penistone and found adult magazines, bottles of alcohol and old wedding photos.

Sunday, 31st October 2021, 2:07 pm
Several large bottles of what appear to be homemade alcohol were found at the site - leading Kyle to dub the property Alcohol Makers Farm.

A warehouse worker and urban explorer who goes by the name of Kyle Urbex has explored over 400 buildings over the last 15 months, roughly 75 of which were in Sheffield.

On his latest exploration, completed on the afternoon of October 30, Kyle entered a derelict farmhouse on Roughbirchworth Lane, in the village of Oxspring in the Penistone ward.

Whilst exploring this site, Kyle found a great deal of possessions believed to have been left behind by previous occupants, including explicit magazines and several bottles of homemade alcohol.

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Kyle found a collection of magazines in one of the properties on the derelict farm site.

Kyle, aged 24, said: “It took about 45 minutes to an hour to explore. The main house didn’t have access because all the windows had been closed up. To the back of it you could see a row of cottages, four or five in a row. At the exterior of the main house there was an open window where it had all decayed and rotted though. I climbed in through there.

"The upstairs bedroom was full of chicken breeder cages. I found all the old bottles of alcohol and old wedding photos. I found it quite sad - it’s always sad when you go to a place and see memories rotting away.

“It always makes you wonder why they left, did they have to leave in a rush to never come back, or maybe it’s simply because someone passed away and no-one got around to clearing the property out.

Kyle explained that he dubbed the property Alcohol Makers Farm due to the number of bottles of what appear to be homebrew alcohol that he discovered there.

Kyle Urbex has explored roughly 75 Sheffield buildings. Here he is pictures inside The Citadel.

He added: “In another bedroom I found all these explicit magazines. It’s probably in my top ten explorations for finding so much content - most of the time things have been stripped out. I feel like sometimes researching the history of the place is almost as fascinating as the exploration. I enjoy seeing the backstory and seeing what happened.”

Kyle has completed urban explorations of iconic Sheffield buildings including the Adelphi Theatre and The Citadel. However, he claims that the weirdest place he has visited is the Oak Avenue flats in Bradford where Peter Sutcliffe killed Patricia Atkinson.

Wedding pictures found at the site. Kyle said that he was sad to see memories rotting away.
Permission for the property to be demolished was granted by Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council in December 2018.
Kyle wondered if the lat residents had had to leave in a rush.