Unique 'trainer festival' coming to Sheffield

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By Anna Olejnicki
Thursday, 17th February 2022, 11:22 am

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We do love a good pair of heels here at The Fashion Exchange, but we love trainers even more - so we were excited to find out a little bit more about The Steel City Trainer Fest happening later this month from organiser Simon McNamara.

“I’ve always been interested in trainers, and in 2019 I trekked to a show in Manchester, as part of a weekend away. After leaving the show, slightly underwhelmed, I thought about having a go at organising my own, and the rest as they say is history.”

A trainer festival is coming to Sheffield.

Sheffield held the first event in October 2019, and now the date is set for the next one at the end of the month.

The event is a chance to purchase some new trainers, or simply admire the ones on offer from traders across the country. Prices start from as little as £15 up to collectors editions around the £800 mark. People who will be there range from collectors who are looking for rare editions, replacing old favourites in a different colour-way, or simply someone who wants a new pair of trainers as a pay-day treat.

Simon was telling us about the Sheffield trainer scene, “ For me Sheffield’s trainer life is very much split into two halves! The first being the young students from all over the world bring a large following of modern styles, which brings the amazing cultural influences from all over the globe. The other half follow the traditional/retro terrace style with heavy influence from Sheffield’s football and musical history - I belong in

this half!”

Sheffield is due to host a unique trainer festival.

Collecting trainers has always been an underground hobby for years, and now we really are seeing high end designers using trainers or doing collaborations with trainer brands (we personally love the McQueen/Puma partnership!) it’s becoming more popular. “I collect trainers but there is a method in my obsession! For instance I will only collect a trainer that I can wear, so even if a holy grail pair came available if these were not in the right size there would be no money changing hands!

Also, to be totally honest one of the main things for me is I must like the trainer, just because it’s rare isn’t enough for me.”

Here at The Fashion Exchange, we know that Sheffield has a great range of trainers and we’re so pleased to hear our friends at JoJo’s Vintage and Vulgar who’ve featured in this column will be at the trainer festival, along with Glistening Kicks who magically give your trainers a second wind with their restoration and cleaning services.

We will certainly be heading down to the event, but the one thing we’re not yet sure about is exactly which pair of trainers to wear...

Sheffield is to host a unique trainer festival.

More information

The Steel City Trainer Fest

26th February 2022

Trafalgar Warehouse, Sheffield

Sheffield is due to host a trainer festival.

Pay on the day (cash). Entrance tickets are £5 each with U16s/OAPs free.


Instagram @steelcitytrainer

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