Ukraine War: Sheffield woman returns to Ukraine border to send supplies around the nation

A Sheffield woman has returned to the Ukraine border to provide civilians around the nation with essential supplies.

Thursday, 26th May 2022, 1:00 pm

Pam Young, from Sheffield, went to the Hungary-Ukraine border before Easter to help refugees and those affected by the war. On behalf of her charity, Village Ventures, Pam wanted to do all she could to help people affected by the war in Ukraine.

After a refresh over Easter, Pam returned to the region to go into Ukraine this time to organise donations and supplies to send to civilians in and around the country.

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Pam Young on the Hungary-Ukraine border.

Before returning to Ukraine, Pam visited one of the refugees she previously helped out, Tatyana Rybalka, who is now living in Spain with her two daughters in an apartment after fleeing Ukraine thanks to the help of Pam.

Tatyana was housed with 13 other women who have fled Ukraine, in conditions Pam describes as ‘tough’.

"I had meetings with the women (in Spain) to see their situation as well, which is quite tough,” said Pam. “When you’ve come from a good home and you’ve been thrown out due to war and get the title of refugee and having to beg, it is dire.

"It is awful to see these young women all struggling.”

Broken roads and bridges in Ukraine make Sergey's donation trip a struggle.

On the conclusion of her visit to Spain, Pam returned to Ukraine but took Tatyana with her so that she could see her husband who she had not seen since the war in Ukraine began.

Pam, Tatyana, and Sergey, Tatyana’s husband, agreed to launch ‘Village Ventures Ukraine’ in order to set up a programme to help those suffering in the country.

They were donated a Toyota Previa car which the group filled with donations of essential items to be taken around the nation. Donations mainly included food and huge tins of soup which were sent to Ukrainians in need of food.

Sergey driving the Toyota car filled with donations around war-torn Ukraine.

Sergey drove the car around Ukraine, specifically in the northern and western regions, in a 15-hour trip to drop off donations to those in need.

Pam and the group organised it like this so that someone who knew the region the best, Sergey, could take the donations safely and quickly.

"To be able to get to those areas, there’s no roads, the bridges are all smashed up – he drove over fields and wherever to find these people,” said Pam.

"People are still living in their bombed houses.

Pictures of roads and conditions in Ukraine.

"On one night, we were in our room when Sergey said the sirens are going off. The next morning we found that the area next to us had 12 bombs dropped on it, and we were very lucky – it was very tough.”

Pam has now returned home to Sheffield for another recharge before she heads back out to Ukraine on June 12 to once again help those in need. Whilst Pam is at home, Sergey continues the work of Village Ventures, driving around Ukraine with donations, aiming to find people who have nothing.

Pam’s charity Village Ventures was set up to help villages in Africa. However, with the Ukrainian war, Pam is now aiming to officially launch a Village Ventures Ukraine so that she can further her help for the nation.

To donate to Village Ventures, click here.