Tramlines Sheffield: Petition to allow re-entry for ticketholders gains 1,600 signatures in 24 hours

A petition to allow ticketholders to come and go as they please at next month’s Tramlines Festival has gained 1,600 signatures in 24 hours.

Thursday, 16th June 2022, 8:13 am

It has been confirmed that for the three-day event in Hillsborough Park on July 23-24 a ‘no re-entry’ rule that was rolled out in 2021 as a Covid-19 safety measure will return.

But the decision has been coldly received, with Hillsborough councillor George Lindsar-Hammond saying it threatens to “sever the local connection” to the festival.

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Tramlines Sheffield: Hillsborough Park festival confirms return of controversial...

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A petition has been launched calling on the organisers of Tramlines 2022 to scrap an unpopular 'no re-entry' rule.

Now, the organiser of a petition to scrap the decision says she is “flabbergasted” at the response she’s had.

Laura Lian, aged 38, of Hillsborough, launched the appeal on Monday night expecting to get “a few hundred names”. It has since gained 1,600 signatures.

She told The Star: “I can understand the policy last year – we can all understand that. But this year is just feels cynical and a money making exercise that takes business away from Hillsborough town.

The petition's organiser, Laura Lian, says she can see "no rationale" behind the 'no re-entry' decision.

“I’ve spoken to businesses who said last year was terrible, because the festivalgoers didn’t come to them and their regular customers didn’t either because they thought it would be so busy.

“I just cannot see the rationale. We’re the stockholders, we’re the local residents, we need to be consulted about this. It’s in our local park, after all.

“We’re far from anti-Tramlines. But it was touted when it was launched as a family friendly festival.”

Laura says she is impressed with the comments she’s read from supporters, as she notes that many people are “concerned for others” over the decision, and impact it has on businesses, parents and local residents.

She said: “I bought tickets in 2019 for the 2020 event which obviously didn’t go ahead, but they’ve now rolled over.

“I bought them under the impression they were re-entry. I’ve had two children, and I had plans to take them in the afternoon, drop them off at their grandparents and go back with my husband.”

In a statement, Tramlines said: “Those with unforeseen or emergency circumstances during the weekend should speak to staff at the Customer Service tent located next to Medics and Welfare, who will also take a common sense approach to requests involving childcare.”

The Star has asked for clarification on how this policy will work on the weekend of the event.