Tramlines Sheffield: Festival organisers offer clarification for families after outrage at re-entry policy

Organisers of the Tramlines festival in Hillsborough have offered clarification on what their continuing no re-entry policy means for families attending this year.

Friday, 17th June 2022, 6:26 am

Parents, residents and local business owners were outraged by the festival’s decision to continue the policy and families were confused as to what they could expect if they wanted to come back to Tramlines after dropping children at home.

In a statement to clarify their rules, Tramlines said: “As with our previous editions, in line with our 2021 Gold Status award from Attitude is Everything access customers will be able to make specific arrangements with the access manager should they need to leave and re enter the festival. You can contact them by emailing: [email protected]

“Those with unforeseen or emergency circumstances during the weekend should speak to staff at the Customer Service tent located next to Medics and Welfare. The Customer Service Team will also make arrangements for parents who need to take children home and wish to return to site on their own later.

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Tramlines is to return to Hillsborough Park again this summer

“Those permitted to re-enter the site will be able to do so once, subject to the same entrance procedures as first arrival and will have to be back on site before the gates close for all ticket holders at 19:30.”

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Following the announcement of the policy, Laura Lian, aged 38, launched a petition to have the festival revert to it’s previous entry policy, where guests were able to leave and re-enter as they pleased.

The petition has taken off and now has around 2,000 signatures since Monday night, as well as support from Sheffield MP Gill Furniss and local councillors.

After hearing Tramlines’ clarification, Laura said: “If the Customer Service Team at Tramlines will be allowing parents and carers of young children to leave the festival and then return once and no later than 7.30pm then that is an improvement on the current arrangements.

“My disappointment with Tramlines for the lack of any kind of acknowledgement of the negative impact on our local cafes, pubs and shops by this three-day festival continues. Festival goers will pass by momentarily on their way in and regular customers will avoid the area entirely. Local independent businesses in an up-and-coming area need our support and our local economy needs regeneration in the years after COVID.

“Unless this no re-entry policy is reversed for all festival-goers, then I foresee community support quickly waning, and disquiet, dissatisfaction and hostility increasing for future Tramlines events.”

Festival-goers with disabilities have also been concerned with the re-entry policy.

Laura said: “I would also like to know more details on how Tramlines are 'demonstrating exemplary access provision for deaf and disabled customers with a wide range of access needs' as per the conditions of the Gold Status award from the disability charity, Attitude is Everything.

“It is not being made easy for many ticket holders to provide the exact 'evidence' to prove their status and many are being put off by the short notice period to apply. Better communication is needed for everyone to understand this promise of inclusion.”

In order to receive additional support at the festival, applicants must complete a form on the Tramlines website, by June 18, with evidence of their disability, along with a second if they need parking.