Tramlines Sheffield: Council release statement in support of controversial re-entry policy

Sheffield City Council have released a statement supporting the controversial ‘no re-entry’ policy being retained for Tramlines 2022.

Monday, 20th June 2022, 6:22 am

The policy has caused outrage as local businesses and residents have voiced concerns over loss of custom and accessibility, with over 2,000 people signing a petition calling for the policy to be scrapped.

The policy was originally brought it last year as a Covid measure, but has been kept by organisers for 2022.

Kate Martin, Executive Director at Sheffield City Council, said: “We know that some residents and businesses would like re-entry to be permitted at Tramlines festival, as was the policy in 2019.

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A petition has been launched over the no re-entry policy at Tramlines this year

“The Safety Advisory Group for Tramlines includes members from the council, South Yorkshire Police, the ambulance service and fire and rescue. The group is working closely with Tramlines to make sure the festival is safe, accessible and enjoyable for everyone – both inside and around the site.

“Tramlines have taken the decision to continue the entry policy adopted in 2021. The SAG understands and supports Tramlines’ reasons for this, and would only advise against it if public safety issues were identified, that could not be mitigated.”

Ms Martin added: “Tramlines have assured us, and have procedures in place, to make sure people who need help with accessibility are supported. They’ve also listened to feedback from local people and clarified the entry terms, confirming a common sense approach so that those who might experience unforeseen or emergency situations across the weekend, including with childcare, can make arrangements to leave and re-enter.

“Over the years, as the festival has grown the council has worked hard with organisers to make sure the event remains accessible for local residents, supports local businesses, gives back to our communities and attracts world renowned acts to put on a fantastic show for the city. We’re confident that Tramlines 2022 is delivering all of that for Sheffield.”

The council also said the continuation of the no re-entry policy was put forward by Tramlines for review from the SAG members, who agreed it was the best option operationally, on the grounds of public safety and to mitigate anti-social behaviour.