Tramlines festival-goers return lost phone and leave drunken video for the owner

A man who lost his phone at Tramlines festival was relieved when it was returned by two men who had left a hilarious video message in his gallery.

By Steven Ross
Sunday, 25th July 2021, 7:48 pm

Luke Goodwin, aged 21, was at Tramlines festival when his phone fell out of his pocket, and he worried that it was lost for good.

Fortunately for Luke, two good samaritans who were also at the festival found his mobile and handed it in to Tramlines staff, and Luke was able to get his it back, whereupon he found the message the lads had left for him.

Luke said: “My phone fell out in about four seconds of being at the festival. I didn’t know what to do.

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Two men found Luke's phone at Tramlines and left a video message for when he retrieved it.

"My friend got my phone back from me at the lost and found. He rang it and when my phone went off the staff gave him it. Then I went on it and saw the video.

In the video left on Luke’s phone, the two men tell the owner that they are taking his phone to a bar, and tell him to ask Jack which bar it has been left at. They then tell him to enjoy himself.

Of course, this message didn’t help Luke track down his mobile as he was only able to see the video after he had retrieved it.

Jack added: “I was definitely relieved to get it back. You always have the thought that most people are more likely to steal it.

"People sometimes aren’t as honest. I would do the same thing and return it.”