Three-year-old hailed as 'amazing' after raising the alarm when mum collapsed at South Yorkshire home

A three-year-old girl who called her grandma for help when her mum collapsed at home has been described as ‘amazing’ by her proud dad.

By Dan Hayes
Tuesday, 28th January 2020, 1:00 pm
Updated Tuesday, 28th January 2020, 3:29 pm

Bus driver Jordan Michael, 27, of Kimberworth Park, says he is astonished at his daughter Aria’s bravery after the tot called his mum on his wife’s mobile phone.

Jordan’s wife Jodie - who suffers from heart problems - collapsed at home at around 7am this morning, a few hours after Jordan had left home to start today’s shift.

But quick-thinking Aria managed to call Jordan’s mum on Jodie’s iPhone, who was then able to alert other family members to the emergency.

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Aria Michael.

Jodie is currently recovering in Rotherham Hospital but Jordan contacted The Star this morning to tell the world just how proud of Aria he was.

“It has just made me a really proud dad,” he said.

“She is a clever child and knows how to work a mobile phone, but I’m just amazed she managed to do it in that situation.

“It is unbelievable what she did.”

Jordan, Jodie and Aria Michael.

Jordan said Jodie leaves her phone unlocked, but that Aria still had to find his mum in the device’s contacts folder and call the number.

“When I heard I was panicking more about my wife but then I became so emotional about what Aria had done,” he said.

“My mum asked her a couple of questions like were her eyes open and when she said no she got my brother to go round immediately.

“Then they called an ambulance and Aria went off to school.”

Aria’s achievement is all the more remarkable considering the health troubles she has had herself in her short life so far.

Like her mum she also suffers from heart problems and had her first surgery when she was just 16 days old.

She then had further surgery at around three months old and now must have yearly check-ups at Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

"It turns out Jodie has the same condition Aria had but milder and it is genetic,” said Jordan.

“And doctors say she might need to have more surgery as she gets older depending on how she grows.”