This South Yorkshire man is still running every week at the age of 74

Gold medal winner Rod Scholes does not let the fact that he is 74-years-old slow him down, he still runs once a week.

Wednesday, 10th April 2019, 6:00 am
Rod Scholes is still running at the age of 74.

Rod began running aged 35 and now continues to run the track at Dorothy Hyman Sports Centre in Cudworth once a week to ensure he stays in peak physical condition.

In the years since he started running, Rod has won a gold medal in the 400m sprint, which he claimed at the British Masters in 2001.

He has also run 21 marathons, including completing the London Marathon at least six times and his favourite, the Huddersfield Marathon at least three times. Most recently he has run the Wombwell 10k.

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Rod is affectionately known as Hot Rod by staff at the sports centre where he trains due to his speed and stamina.

He said: “I enjoy running because of the freedom – you can choose the distance, the time, and can go no matter the weather.”

Previously a primary school teacher, Rod was first introduced to Dorothy Hyman Sports Centre in 1978 when he joined Barnsley Runners.

Over the years, he has toured the length and breadth of the country, competing in runs and making friends along the way.

To stay in the best possible shape, Rod does not smoke or drink and has been a vegetarian since 1973.

As well as this, he advises other runners to join a running group or run with a friend or family member to make the activity sociable, and make a regular running route.

He said: “Work out the distances that you’re comfortable with and what you enjoy doing, and create a pattern or routine”

Despite being injured several times due to running, Rod continues to get back up and running again as soon as he has recovered and is fit enough to do so.Martin Prest, Facility Manger of Dorothy Hyman and Dearneside Leisure Centres said: "Rod is an inspiration to us all.

“If you have been lucky enough to see him run round the track at Dorothy Hyman, like me, you would be amazed at the athleticism Rod still retains.

“This is down to his dedication, passion and wonderful will to stay fit. Rod is a superstar.”