This shy fellow needs a safe, Sheffield home

This young, black and white fellow is hopeful of finding a new, loving home in Sheffield, as he has been unlucky so far, in other areas.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 16 April, 2019, 11:11

Brody is a sensitive feline, and would hide away at the back of his den, or under his blankets when he first arrived at Sheffield’s RSPCA Centre.

Staff at the centre said that he would “wander around like a turtle peeking out from under his blanket and chirping at you- it was so adorable.”

 But the experienced cattery staff got straight to work on helping Brody to feel more settled and secure in his changed environment.

Now, he has settled down and is feeling much happier and more confident, and beginning to trust people.

Brodie will warm to people gradually and have a good chat and fuss if he feels he knows you.

He can still be a little shy with new faces, but as long as you take it slow and let Brody approach you, he soon settles and shows you his true lovely self.

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Any fuss or attention is all on Brody`s terms however, as he is not afraid to warn you off with the odd hiss or glare,  if he is unsure or feeling unhappy.

Brody is looking for a new home without any other cats around as he would like all of his new human’s attention and resources to himself.

He would be ideally suited to an experienced cat home, where any children are of secondary school age, and so better able to understand his quirky nature and needs.

However, Brodie is a lovely chap with a huge amount of affection to give to the right person or family.

He just needs a bit of extra support, and understanding, from a special someone. If you feel you could offer him a safe and loving home, where he can let go of his insecurities, contact the RSPCA centre via its website.