This Sheffield city centre hotel has launched a fitness workout you can do in your room

Guests wanting to keep in shape at a Sheffield city centre hotel can now do so – with an intensive fitness workout they can do in their own room.

By Darren Burke
Wednesday, 22nd January 2020, 11:14 am
Updated Thursday, 30th January 2020, 12:01 pm

easyHotel, which has a branch on Sheffield’s High Street, says the workout is aimed at saving travellers money from splashing out on hotels with gyms by helping to get in shape under their own steam.

The work out is described as an “exclusive super-budget in-room high intensity interval training workout for guests.”

It features five intense and ab-clenching exercises which can be done from the comfort of guests’ own hotel rooms.

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Designed to burn fat and tone tummies, the video includes a range of movements which make the most of the room’s amenities, including side squats on the bed and Russian twists with a towel.

easyHotel’s bespoke workout, curated with fitness influencer Emily Dowling, can be viewed by guests on request via video at easyHotels across the UK.

A statement said: “Time-poor customers can save themselves from overpaying for fancy hotels with gyms and wellness centres by simply exercising in their hotel room.

Neil Fidler, easyHotel’s in house fitness expert, said: “We’ve looked at many of the hotels with extensive gym suites on the market and our analysis is that most of the value from these gyms can be replicated in our hotel rooms.

easyHotel has launched an inroom work out.

“Who needs expensive, elaborate equipment when the same results can be achieved with a mattress, a towel and a hotel room?

“As the #NewYearNewMe craze is starting to peak, now is the perfect time for people to fit the exercise into their daily routines."

A study showed that on average Britons waste around £4 billion a year on unused gym visits but health and wellness is a booming industry worth more than £5 bn.

He added: “Often our guests are time poor but this January there is an increased focus on being healthy and working out. We want to help our guests out and a quick, 15 minute workout is a great way for them to achieve this.”

You can watch the video HERE