"They don't give a flying fig!" - Readers react to Prime Ministers comments in his Good Morning Britain interview

Earlier this week, Prime Minister Boris Johnson sat down for his first live interview on Good Morning Britain in five years and he admitted that the support offered by his government is not enough.

Wednesday, 4th May 2022, 3:56 pm

We asked our readers for their thoughts on whether the government should and could be doing more, following the Prime Minister admitting that the financial support offered by his government is not enough to “help cover everybody” through the cost of living crisis in the months ahead.

Here are a selection of their comments on the topic:

John Slater said that, “The Government are doing a great job convincing people to keep voting for a system that's deliberately broken. It's the only way they retain power at the top and have us believe our little 'X' in a box makes a difference. In return, you can have a freedom bus pass.”

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BURY, ENGLAND - APRIL 25: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson during a visit to Bury FC at their Gigg Lane ground, on April 25, 2002 in Bury, Greater Manchester, England. (Photo Danny Lawson - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

David Booth put forward his point on whether the government could help, “Sure they can but who picks up the bill? The next generation? What a legacy to leave them.”

Cynthia Denise Gallagher Gallagher was firm in her view over whether the government should help people more, “Most definitely they should pensioners are suffering everyone's suffering.”

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Patsy Roberts is not a fan, “Liar lies again. Because that is all he is, a liar. and he is relying on mugs to believe him.”

Whereas Sandra Allen pointedly noted that, “They don't give a flying fig!”

John T Homas humourously noted that, “That 5p off petrol was more than enough.”

And a very much to the point comment came from Rita Rigg, who said, “Recover amounts that were paid to companies during pandemic that should not have been paid.” She wasn’t finished though, also adding, “Perhaps shouldn’t have accepted £2000 + pay rise.”

Meanwhile Susan Adams responded saying, “Has he finally realised he probably spends more on a bottle of wine than people have to manage on for a week.”

Another person who did not buy into what the PM said was Beverley O'Malley, who said, “What this Government say or do are two different matters, which are accompanied with the lies.”

John Bow added his view, “Why help UK when they can help every other country in the world? Doesn't believe in the phrase charity begins at home.”

Janet Spooner had one of the most popular responses to her detailed view of a plan forward, “Scrap foreign aid, scrap legal aid for non UK residents. Go after covid grants from employers. Stop spending millions on illegals entering UK without money paid to France. Send in UKs best 2 divorce lawyers to EU headquarters to go through books to work out UKs assets. Claim back money owed to NHS from visitors who not entitled to treatment.”

Finally James Bainbridge summed up much of the mood perfectly, “He is completely oblivious to what is happening in this country today. He's out of touch with everything he hasn't got a clue.”