These adorable rescue pets in Sheffield are looking for their forever homes

Cute pets at an animal rehoming centre in Sheffield are looking for a good home.

Tuesday, 28th September 2021, 9:16 pm

The Blue Cross Animal Rehoming and Advice Unit in Sheffield have several rodents and rabbits who have so far struggled to find a loving home to call their own.

John Cahill, centre manager at Blue Cross in Sheffield, said: “Dogs and cats may be considered a more popular choice when people are thinking of taking on a pet, but we think smaller pets are severely underestimated as fantastic little companions.

They have just as much character, playfulness and love as other pets and should not be cast aside as ‘pets for kids‘ when most small pets are not suitable for children.“

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Bubble and Squeak are looking for a home together.

Yoda, a beautiful six-year-old female Chinchilla, is looking for a pal to live with – she can live with a neutered male or another female.

She can be shy at first, but shows enjoys being stroked and will eat treats from your hand.

Yoda needs housing that is at least (L93 x D62 x H159cm) so that she has plenty of room to explore. She will also need time out of her cage to have a safe free run.

Bubble and Squeak are nine-month-old mouse brothers looking for a home together.

Chinchilla Yoda is looking for a friend to live with.

They are an inquisitive pair who love to explore and climb rope netting, dig and run on their wheel.

Their favourite treats are shrimp cookies and fresh fruit and veg nibbles.

Frankie is a three-year-old male dwarf lop rabbit who is looking for a home with his five-year-old female chum ‘Chunky’.

They love to play and race through their tunnels and sit in the sun munching on hay.

They want an outdoor home with plenty of space – a shed conversion is best and would need to be a minimum size of 1.8m x 60m x 60m alongside a run of (2.4m x 1.8m x 90cm).

Frankie and Chunky love the outdoors, but when the weather is cooler, Chunky prefers to get cosy indoors.

Could you provide a home for any of these animals; if so, visit to find out more.

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