The most dangerous places in Sheffield according to Star readers.

The most dangerous places in Sheffield including Arundel Gate, Pitsmoor and Fir Vale - according to our readers

We asked The Star readers where they feel the most dangerous places in Sheffield are – here are some of the most common answers.

According to, crime in Sheffield has been on the rise since May 2021, with 1419 crimes taking place in May 2021 compared to 1692 crimes in April 2022.

Crime over the past year in the city peaked in October 2021 when crime levels in the city hit 1830 for the month, and 1827 in the following month of November.

The statistics also show the most common crime in Sheffield in April 2022, which was violence and sexual offences with 462 taking place throughout the month.

Anti-social behaviour, public order and vehicle crime also ranked highly on the most common crimes list.

With the statistical rise in crime in the city, we asked the Star readers where they think the most dangerous areas of Sheffield are – here is what people said.

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