South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue releases heartfelt video as nation recovers from pandemic

Despite being struck with the Covid pandemic and many having to come to terms with a life on a pause more than a year ago, first emergency responders still continue with their duty regardless the circumstances.

Wednesday, 21st July 2021, 11:45 am

And this was the case for South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Services who tirelessly carry on with their jobs while battling the deadly virus.

England fully reopened on Monday, cautiously moving towards to near-normal life, and the department has now released an inspiring video in a narrative poem telling people of their stories of hope and resilience during the pandemic.

It says:

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South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue

"Tick follows tock.

"Time moves slowly on the clock.

"When the whole world stops,

"But we did not.

"From Wentworth Castle to Denaby Main,

"And Wales Bar to Walkley Lane.

"For the stay indoors shielders

"and the primary home schoolers.

"All the key workers and the work at home Zoomers,

"We were still there.

"Still responding to jobs, still saving lives, protecting each other and preventing the rise.

"We've stuck to the rules, adapted our roles

"Learned new things, set new goals

"Still training hard, striving for the best

"Recruiting new colleagues, of whom our future will rest.

"We've been doing our bit to help those in need

"To beat this pandemic, together we'll succeed.

"Because world's moving on and Covid's changed us

"But we're still South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue and nothing will break us."

Many appeared moved by the video, thanking the service for their hard work to save lives.

A Twitter user @Pennylane181 said: "Brilliant. So proud and thankful for all you do."

Elain Day said: "We are...Yorkshire and Proud."