Six of the best April Fool's Day stories in Sheffield - were you taken in by any?

There were some great April Fool’s Day stories doing the rounds in Sheffield today, and here are a few of the best.

By Robert Cumber
Thursday, 1st April 2021, 8:01 pm


The old hole in the road in Sheffield city centre has a special place in many people’s hearts so perhaps some people fell for this as they were just too keen for it to be true.

Sadly Sheffield Council had not really announced it was reintroducing the much-loved landmark, complete with fish tank.

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An inflatable skip, giant grasshoppers and CCTV satellites over the Peak District were some of the best April Fool's Day jokes (pics: Fletchers Waste Management, Tropical Butterfly House and Edale Mountain Rescue Team)

As some people pointed out, the timescale should have been a giveaway, with the supposed completion date in July 2023 proving perhaps the most unbelievable aspect of the story.


Fletchers Waste Management proudly claimed to have launched the world’s first inflatable skip, which could be sent in the post for you to pump up.

It that was not enough of a giveaway, further evidence that it was pulling your leg came when it said advanced engineering meant the ‘InflataSkip’ could ‘withstand the impact of 5 Bugatti Veyrons travelling at full speed at any one time’.

There was even a link to click if you fancied booking one of the skips, though anyone doing so would have found out their leg was being pulled.


The Tropical Butterfly House in North Anston is due to welcome visitors back from April 12 and it whetted people’s appetites by sharing a photo of its ‘latest arrivals’ – giant grasshoppers.

“We have been busily building their new enclosures because as cute as they are here, they will grow to five foot long!" it added.

Despite some impressive Photoshopping skills, it appears not everyone was taken in, and most people were happy that the terrifying creatures were imaginary.


Quite a few of you appear to have fallen for Paul Hopwood’s April Fools photo of a ‘mirrored crescent moon’, with many praising his photo of what they believed was a genuine astrological phenomenon.

But most saw through it, with some pointing out this was so rare it was only likely to be visible once a year – on April 1 to be precise.


Just over the border in the Peak District, the Edale Mountain Rescue Team claimed to have teamed up with Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites and a remote CCTV company to livestream footage of its rescues.

Even by the billionaire’s standards this was too fantastical, especially when the team said it was working on the thermal imaging capabilities and shared a photo of its futuristic looking control room.


The Star got in on the act too, telling readers how – in scenes resembling the Ever Given rescue operation – a boat carrying a shipment of Lea and Perrins’ Worcestershire sauce had become stuck on the banks of the River Don.

Naturally the cargo of choice would have been Henderson’s Relish were there any truth to the story, as no self-respecting Yorkshire skipper would pilot a boat containing its southern imitator along the Don.