Sheffield's Westfield Health invites all centenarians to celebrate its 100th anniversary

Sheffield may witness the largest gathering of centenarians as the city's health insurance company Westfield Health invites them all to be part of its 100th anniversary celebration in October.

Tuesday, 16th July 2019, 15:14 pm
Updated Friday, 19th July 2019, 16:01 pm
Westfield Health

Westfield Health, founded on July 3, 1919, was first known as Sheffield Consultative and Advisory Hospitals Council, or simply known as The Sheffield Hospitals Council.

One hundred years on, it now wants to celebrate its centenary with those who share the same birth year while recognising those who have been part of their remarkable journey.

Westfield Health chairman, Graham Moore said: "This year, Westfield Health is celebrating its centenary and privileged to have had the support of the local community.

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"That is why we are delighted to recognise the senior citizens, particularly those who are in their 100th year, who have contributed so much to leave a legacy for us in the city today."

However, the organisers said that the event was not limited to 100-year-olds as those who are in their 90s are also welcome to join in the fun.

The celebration will be held on October 7 at Crowne Plaza/Royal Victoria hotel in the city centre from noon to 3pm.

The attendees will be entertained by Susan Housely, a local vocalist whose stage name is Susan St Nicholas.

To book a ticket, please call Independent Community Services Consultant Kathy Markwick at 07729528844.