Sheffield woman's beloved dog believed to have been stolen during Jubilee holiday

A Sheffield woman has been left 'absolutely heartbroken' after her beloved dog is believed to have been stolen last week.

Tuesday, 7th June 2022, 3:39 pm

Dax, a female Staffordshire terrier, is said to have escaped from her owner's garden in Parson Cross by slipping through a hole in the fence on Thursday afternoon (June 2).

Chermaine Samphire, who has owned the rescue dog for the past seven years, described herself as an 'emotional mess' as she does not know where her beloved dog is or if she is in safe hands.

She said the dog was first discovered by a local man soon after she escaped and he wanted to bring her to the local vet, but they were 'turned away' as it was closing in 10 minutes.

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Dax escaped from her owner's garden on Thursday afternoon (June 2) and is now believed to have been stolen.

When she phoned the vets the next day, she said they didn't have her because the person who brought her in was told to take her to the local pound.

But the pound didn't have the dog because it was a bank holiday and there wasn't a dog warden on duty.

According to Chermaine, the dog was subsequently given to a 'young man', and this was the last time the dog was seen, as the man disappeared without leaving any contact information.

She said: "Technically, Dax has been classified as stolen because that person hasn't taken it to the pound and hasn't reported her or anything."

Dax is brindle and white, comes to her name but isn't wearing her collar.

She said there have been reports that some men in the area were 'trying to sell a dog of similar description' to Dax in the Fox Hill and Kilner way area on Thursday evening itself.

And with the help of Doncaster-based Mayflower Sanctuary, from where Dax was adopted, Chermaine said Dax has now been marked as lost.

She said: "June 3 was the last possible confirmation we've had or seen her because it's been a bank holiday. The pound has been no good, the vet has been no good, the police have been no good either.

"I am an absolutely emotional mess at the moment. Angry at myself, angry at the vet, angry at the person who handed it to someone. Absolutely heartbroken."

For more information about Dax and how you can help find her, please go to Chermaine's Facebook post here.

South Yorkshire Police, when contacted, said enquiries are ongoing.

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